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full disclosure: I am an active member of my city’s kink/BDSM community, I’m a masochist submissive, and if folks have questions and such, I’m always up for talking about it and explaining stuffs n whatnot.

Now, as you may or may not have figured out, Sherlock was implying that the Domme (perhaps a pro Domme, perhaps not) suspended him. Suspension? Is fricking amazing.

It’s also not going to happen with two pairs of handcuffs and a belt. And suspension of any kind requires a little rigging, which the Domme did not have with her.

What I think actually happened was that he was bound up and restrained and she slapped him around a bit.

Which is…gosh. So good.

And Sherlock being all conflicty about his sexual nature, but also mentally classifying people as Doms and subs? FUCK YES.

I’m guessing we are all on the same page, but being a Dominant, a switch, a submissive is entirely personality based. It has nothing to do with body size, gender, age, nationality, sexuality.

And of course, its important not to forget about switches. Switches are awesome folk, and as the name suggests, they have both sub and Dom leanings. Some gravitate one way or the other, some only ever switch with certain people, some are entirely even handed.

Kink doesn’t have to mean sex either. I am currently single, but I get my kink on at events and with friends. I’m not shagging anyone! Kink can be done without sex very easily. Often you don’t want sex at the same time. Sometimes sex at the same time would be extremely dangerous!

And sometimes you do. Sometimes the sex is the best part, and kink is the cherry on top.

Sometimes it’s easier to explain kink as sex to outsiders. It’s hard to verbalise what being in a scene can do to you, does for you. And kink doesn’t get people to react the same way.

If you are ever at a kink night, the likelihood that you will see people being flogged and laughing is high, just like you’ll see people being flogged and moaning. The pain/pleasure receptors in our bodies are funky as. You won’t get the same reaction from the same act out of two people.

One of the things I loved about Sherlock being all brash and ‘sex is repellant eww but my body requires it’ is the idea of the disconnect between the body and the mind as a sex organ. Sherlock suggesting that he’s above all that gross body stuff anyhow, he’s better then that!!!

And Joan looking at him like, oh honey please.

And she says later on, ‘you are trying too hard’. What I took that as, was that Sherlock lives on curiosity. He is a cerebral person who has a lot of complicated, conflicting emotions, and the way he deals with them is to shut them off, and attempt to look at things coldy, objectively.

And it doesn’t always work. We see this in the temper tantrums he throws in the pilot. He is a spontaneous person, and trying to shut down his feelings so he can observe everything without bias leads to him having the occasional feelings spike.

And he’s trying too hard. He’s trying too hard to be this detective machine, where in reality, he’s just a person. A brilliant astonishing mind, in a human body with human failings and desires, and he has an addict’s personality, and is recovering from drug addiction. 

She doesn’t need excuses from him. She doesn’t need him to be perfect. She wants him to be considerate, which is harder for him.

I am really looking forward to them exploring Sherlock’s identity as a kinkster, it’s fascinating. And I hope they bring Joan into it as well. I would just cry with happiness.

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